Low Cost Health Insurance For Families

With millions of jobs lost and recent economic recession more families are looking for low cost health insurance. Even when some people do have jobs a low of small employers cannot afford to offer health coverage anymore. If you do not health insurance and looking for low cost health insurance, you are not alone, there are options available to you.It is never easy to know that you do not have health coverage and fear of what might happen when medical bills arise. Having a simple health plans or a discount card is much better than having nothing at all. When you have health insurance you also become a member of a vast network of doctors and hospitals. Insurance companies you leverage of their members to negotiate lower rates for medical services. For example if a doctor changes $120 for doctor office visit, insurance companies will negotiate with doctor for a lower fee of $60. The benefit you get from it is if you have a basic high deductible medical insurance plan that does not cover anything until you meet a $5000 deductible. When you go to a doctor you are only will be paying negotiated rate of $60 and not $120. Also with average discount card you will save on average of 50% on any kind of lab work. When you have any health insurance plans your money goes a lot further. Insurance companies have leverage of members on their plans to negotiate lower fees with doctors.One simple option you can pick is a discount plan. All of the major medical insurance companies offer it. Aetna and Assurant health are just some of the major insurance companies to offer discount plan. For a really low monthly fee of as low as $20 you can have the benefit of the negotiated rates. It is one way to get low cost family health insurance. If you do not have or cannot afford health or dental insurance you should definitely get yourself a discount card. Even while you are shopping for medical insurance you might want to consider getting one, before it is too late.The other option is to apply for the most basic health insurance plan that is available. All of medical insurance plans from well known insurance companies cover you for millions of dollars and have maximum out of pocket for you. Every plan that you compare has a number that is called “maximum out of pocket”. The is the maximum that you can be out of your pocket in any given year before insurance company pays 100% for all of your medical expenses. Even if that number is $10,000 it is still infinitely better than being responsible for $300,000 medical bill.Having any health insurance plan from well known medical insurance company is infinitely better than not having anything at all. You can go to one of the hundreds of insurance websites online and simply apply for the cheapest plan. Every health insurance plan has a discount plan build in, plus you get a additional benefit of health insurance coverage in case of really large medical bills. Get something while you still can, while you are still healthy. I know I have learned it the hard way by not having health coverage and ending up in the emergency room. That taught me a lesson.