Digital Photography Tips To Take Better Digital Photos

Digital photography is a great hobby to get involved with. It can be a lot of fun and it allows you to unleash your creativity. One of the benefits of using a digital camera is the ability to shoot as many pictures as you want and delete those that you are not satisfied with. In order to improve your picture taking, learn to take better digital photos by understanding what makes a really decent photograph beginning with the basics of photography. By following these digital photography tips to take better digital photos, you will be able to create and capture exciting and beautiful scenes and portraits like a skilled photographer.Identify your subjectLooking through your camera’s viewing window, do you know what you’re shooting at? What do you want to take a picture of? What is it that captivates your interest? Identify the beauty and the excitement that you see, and get a sense of the essence of your subject. Is it awe inspiring, peaceful and serene, or bursting with action and life? Identify your subject and capture its essence.FocusYour digital camera’s auto focus is sufficient for most picture taking conditions, but digital cameras have a slower reaction time to get in focus. To compensate for this, you should press down on the shutter button only half way until you here a beep and do not release the button yet. Your camera will set the shutter speed and aperture and your subject is in focus. Now you are ready to press the shutter button all the way down.Rule of thirdsWhen composing or lining up your shot, you may find that using your camera’s framing guideline makes things a little easier. A framing guideline looks like a tic tac toe board. Two vertical lines and two horizontal lines divide the viewing frame into equal parts. Putting an object or line in the exact center should be avoided. Try putting those objects on the intersections of the lines of your framing guide. This allows the viewer’s eyes to travel towards the subject or the highlight part of the photo that you want to emphasize.FramingTake advantage of using natural formations that can frame your subject. Just like those postcards or calendar pictures of tropical beaches and coastlines that make use of palm trees with overhanging branches that create a natural frame around the main subject. Wedding photographers make use of arches and doorways to naturally frame the wedding couple. Framing can serve two purposes; it draws the viewer’s eyes to the main part of the photo, and it provides a sense of distance as in landscape photos.Lines and shapesHorizontal lines in a photo create a calming effect, vertical lines create a sense of strength, diagonal lines create movement, and S-shaped lines like a winding road, can create a dynamic effect that leads the eyes into and through the photo. Using lines and shapes with the rule of thirds can really create a well balanced and composed photo.These are just a few of the digital photography tips that you can use to take better digital photos. Choose your subject, line up and focus your shot, remember the rule of thirds, and try framing your subject. You will notice that you are improving and taking better pictures the more you learn what makes a great photo.